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Monday, August 10, 2009

Broken arm... :(

Yes, as you read it.. i broke my arm, playing American flag-football. And guess what? it was my right arm!!! yes,i draw with that arm... just about the time i was starting to draw again. :( soooo sad rigth? But i have to swallow my sorrow and keep on. The put a cast on my arm for about 2 months so i am not going to surrender, i am going to start drawing with my left arm!!!

Thank you for reading my complains... take care!!

here is the last drawing i did... enjoy :)

Jack and Sally by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART


raulman said...

Eres una chica ruda, espero que no desempeñe tu trabajo de mami e ilustradora a la vez!!


Adriane said...

si, ya pensare seriamente antes de seguirle, por el bien de mi bebe y de mi futuro.