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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My second drawing in almost two months...

Yes, after almost 2 months i can finally star to draw again, now that i don't have that plaster i can begin to draw! yay! what do you think? is it... ok? or i suck more than before :)? i did it in paint!

It tastes so good... by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Espaniol malhecho:

Avisando sobre mi estado fisico y mental....

Si, asi como lo escuchan, ya no traigo yeso desde hace 6 dias, cada dia hago una serie de ejercicios con mi brazo sumergido en agua caliente con sal x 10 minutos. Para que pueda moverlo y recupere mi fuerza. Hasta eso todo va bien, no puedo levantar cosas pesadas, me duele un poco cuando lo muevo de mas, pero si ando con calma como si nada :) jejeje, ya me ando animando para empezar a dibujar, por lo pronto ya puedo escribir, pero se me cansa bastante el pobre... cuando hago los ejercicios me mareo... no se por que. Cada dia me siento mas entusiasmada por que empiezo a moverlo, un poco ansiosa pero trato de mantenerme tranquila. jijijji :giggle:

Bad english:

Just letting you know how am i doing fisical and mentally...

Yes, just like you have read, 6 days ago i don't have my plaster cast, everyday i do a series of exercise with my arm in warm water with salt for about 10 minutes, so i can move it and recover my strength :P. Everythng is going well, i can't carry heavy things, yet, it starts to hurts when i move it too much, but if i don't force it everything goes well hehhee :), i am starting to get all excite it about drawing, until now i can only write, but it tires up very quick... when i do my exercise i start getting a little nauseous... i don't know why. I hope that i can star moving it in a couple of days, a little anxious but trying to stay calm :P hihhihi :giggle: