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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Recuperacion - Progress

Well, to tell the thruth i am doing much better, but two weeks ago, a little much or less, i had my arm's movement very limited. I had to go to a doctor, so he should check my radiography and my arm. And yes, my arm wasn't in his place, the other doctor didn't give me a follow up on my recovering, and he told me that i would need a therapy to recover my movements, and if i was doing good i would be fine, or there was a possibility of an operation :(... imagine my surprise, three months of misery again! i was crying...

BUT I DIDN'T NEED IT!!!! i went to my terapy and thank god my arm was as good as "new", i am drawing again and i hope and get better, because when i am drawing for about 30 min it starts to hurt... is the only thing i complain about... well at least i can draw right? :D

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My second drawing in almost two months...

Yes, after almost 2 months i can finally star to draw again, now that i don't have that plaster i can begin to draw! yay! what do you think? is it... ok? or i suck more than before :)? i did it in paint!

It tastes so good... by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Espaniol malhecho:

Avisando sobre mi estado fisico y mental....

Si, asi como lo escuchan, ya no traigo yeso desde hace 6 dias, cada dia hago una serie de ejercicios con mi brazo sumergido en agua caliente con sal x 10 minutos. Para que pueda moverlo y recupere mi fuerza. Hasta eso todo va bien, no puedo levantar cosas pesadas, me duele un poco cuando lo muevo de mas, pero si ando con calma como si nada :) jejeje, ya me ando animando para empezar a dibujar, por lo pronto ya puedo escribir, pero se me cansa bastante el pobre... cuando hago los ejercicios me mareo... no se por que. Cada dia me siento mas entusiasmada por que empiezo a moverlo, un poco ansiosa pero trato de mantenerme tranquila. jijijji :giggle:

Bad english:

Just letting you know how am i doing fisical and mentally...

Yes, just like you have read, 6 days ago i don't have my plaster cast, everyday i do a series of exercise with my arm in warm water with salt for about 10 minutes, so i can move it and recover my strength :P. Everythng is going well, i can't carry heavy things, yet, it starts to hurts when i move it too much, but if i don't force it everything goes well hehhee :), i am starting to get all excite it about drawing, until now i can only write, but it tires up very quick... when i do my exercise i start getting a little nauseous... i don't know why. I hope that i can star moving it in a couple of days, a little anxious but trying to stay calm :P hihhihi :giggle:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ya casi de salida!!!

Parece q en una semana me quitan el yeso!!! jijiji ya que me andaba haciendo zurda XD jajajaja! bueno la ganancia es q ya no es tan inutil mi mano izquierda ya me la rifo :P

Espero todo salga bien y el mes de terapia me ayude a mover mejor mi manita para ponerme al corriente con mis quehaceres, mi belencita y mis dibuuuujos!!! :P


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Healing Process

first of all, i've had difficulties in every thing i do... from drawing to putting my shoes to going to the toilet :(... now i am getting used to it... but i can't draw with my left hand that well... my drawings look awful! and the practice doesn't seem to be improving it... later or tomorrow will upload a drawing don't laugh pliz :P

just writing so you can see that i am still alive :P

Monday, August 10, 2009

Broken arm... :(

Yes, as you read it.. i broke my arm, playing American flag-football. And guess what? it was my right arm!!! yes,i draw with that arm... just about the time i was starting to draw again. :( soooo sad rigth? But i have to swallow my sorrow and keep on. The put a cast on my arm for about 2 months so i am not going to surrender, i am going to start drawing with my left arm!!!

Thank you for reading my complains... take care!!

here is the last drawing i did... enjoy :)

Jack and Sally by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Participativa (:

El viernes 31 de Julio participé en una exhibición de arte en un lugar llamado Telon Rojo, vi a varios del deviantArt que sabían que mi arte existia!!! me senti realmente halagada! :)

Participe con varias piezas que ya tenia en el deviant, una la termine un dia antes para mandarla imprimir, super apretado pero lo logre, ya me miran en la madrugada terminando de cortar todo el desmadre de fomboard o como se escriba y eso.

Pero todo salio bien, estuve ahi conociendo gente y todo el pedo! :D

mi pieza mas reciente es esta pequenia llamada "DULCE", donde su inocencia y ternura pueden ser manipuladores, oh si, ella si sabe que hacer con sus encantos.

Disfruten :)

Candy - Dulce by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART

Si deseas utilizar mi arte, debes de preguntarme via e-mail primero POR FAVOR.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

De vuelta!

Hola, hacia como mil anios que no usaba este blog, pero he vuelto para seguirle! :) me da gusto volver, han pasado tantas cosas en mi vida en estos ultimos anhos que necesito como 30 entradas para poder explicarles.

Me case, tuve una bebita, estoy volviendo a trabajar. Por lo pronto los dejo con unos dibujitos que he hecho ultimamente.

Wanna see my tummy? COLORZ by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART

Belem holding the Cat-Cowy by ~Scarlet-Adrianne on deviantART