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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Recuperacion - Progress

Well, to tell the thruth i am doing much better, but two weeks ago, a little much or less, i had my arm's movement very limited. I had to go to a doctor, so he should check my radiography and my arm. And yes, my arm wasn't in his place, the other doctor didn't give me a follow up on my recovering, and he told me that i would need a therapy to recover my movements, and if i was doing good i would be fine, or there was a possibility of an operation :(... imagine my surprise, three months of misery again! i was crying...

BUT I DIDN'T NEED IT!!!! i went to my terapy and thank god my arm was as good as "new", i am drawing again and i hope and get better, because when i am drawing for about 30 min it starts to hurt... is the only thing i complain about... well at least i can draw right? :D